Tuesday, August 31, 2010

whats going on with our family.

i have been slacking on this blog all year cause well there isnt much going on here. we are preaty boring just everyday things. we have a 1st grader now. he is enjoying school. makeing friends. keaton is haveing fun learning and trying to read books. playing with his sister while trevor is gone to school. zoey is haveing fun trying to boss everyone around. when i yell at one of the boys she does the same. she is geting a great personalty, and being demanding. she is daddys little girl forsure he gets home and she demands for him to drop everything and hold her. its funny! i am sure everyone knows we are having a 4th baby our 3rd boy. we are excited to get another one but i am not looking forward to the c-section part. john and i are doing great just in the waiting game. john is not alowed to deploy anywhere right now and we are waiting to find out if they are going to keep him in the Air Force. it would be nice to get out but i think it would be very hard to deal with but whatever comes we well deal with it then. we know he is fine and doing great its just that the millitary needs to look over everything and make sure. our family just keeps growing and geting crazier but thats what happens right. we are all fine. just going one day at a time. not much u can do.

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